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As a tech career coach, I have helped many talented women overcome personal and professional obstacles and achieve success in their desired STEM fields. My own story is one of persistence, so I encourage you to read my bio so you know a bit about me. Realize that together, we can work towards your goals and define your unique impact.

According to the American Enterprise Institute, women now make up more than half of all students enrolled in STEM graduate programs. But many tend to leave the field due to barriers on the job. Discover my four key ingredients to empower you to redefine your terms and find support in the most unlikely places.

You will learn how to develop a customized action plan to overcome “women-in-tech challenges,” ensuring you reach your goals.

Year after year, surveys indicate the same issues:

  • Underrepresented
  • Pay inequity
  • Gender inequality
  • Lack of advancement opportunities
  • Lack of female role models
  • Lack work life balance
  • Lack of training

Whether you need a resume review, digital mindset, or career course correction, I can help you discover your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. Previous clients have a lot of good things to say, too, so check out their success stories and then set up an initial consultation to discuss how you can achieve your desires and how I may assist you on your splendid journey.

I am the best at coaching women of color in tech to attain top dollar salaries. With my 25+ years of experience as an award-winning tech professional at top ranking corporations and government agencies, I help women transform their thinking into a digital mindset to position them for optimal career growth. I serve my clients by customizing their tech career advancement strategy and creating their pathway to top pay. With 1:1 career coaching and development, you will learn how to navigate the evolution of tech, so that you can shift your skill sets to advance to your best fit position of your choice.

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