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See Something, Say Something

Recently Va Tech (VT) held a Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Networking Event, hosted by Deans of the College of Engineering and College of Science who moderated the conversation. The panel was comprised of Virginia Tech alumnae who are navigating the challenges and excelling in these male dominated fields. The goals were

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Resume Power Moves: Use your profession’s language

Power Move #2 – Use your profession’s language! Key Question “What are the key terms for project management?“ – Job terms My tip is simple, “When in Rome, speak as the Romans do” and receive your exciting calls to interviews when your resume rises to the top of the crop.  The key pointer is to

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Resume Power Moves: The Intro

You want to receive that exciting call to interview and your resume to rise to the top so it’s the cream of the crop.  Here are three power moves to guarantee you a call for your tech dream job. Change your resume format from chronological to functional  Use the language of your profession Showcase your

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Resume Power Moves: Make a shift to a functional resume

Key Question “Has the  person’s whose resume I am scanning successfully applied and described the skills I need to produce results for my job listing? “ – SKILLS MATCH Functional vs Chronological Resumes  Functional resumes characterize the key skills possessed and experience.  The formal definition means – focus on your professional skills rather than each

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Introduction: Welcome from your STEM concierge

Hello there, thank you for checking out the STEM Concierge blog.  Allow me to introduce myself 😉 My name is Denise Haskins, and I am a certified systems engineering professional and STEM expert with more than 25+ years experience in various government agencies, private industry and academia. From pursuing a Doctor of Science in Information

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