Introduction: Welcome from your STEM concierge

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Hello there, thank you for checking out the STEM Concierge blog. 

Allow me to introduce myself 😉

My name is Denise Haskins, and I am a certified systems engineering professional and STEM expert with more than 25+ years experience in various government agencies, private industry and academia. From pursuing a Doctor of Science in Information Management to obtaining my Agile certification, I have received numerous professional awards, including the Women of Color Technology All-Star Award , Raytheon Star Award, and the Booz Allen Hamilton Performance & Team Award.

So you may be wondering, why start this blog? I have a deep desire to share my knowledge and experience with the next cadre of STEM seekers and that includes you.

This platform allows me to dive further into my two major passions:

  1. Encouraging women and girls to pursue the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) field and to take full advantage of technological advances
  2. Coaching those feeling overwhelmed as the non-tech savvy on how to identify and apply the best tools and technology to enhance their productivity. 

Encouraging woman and girls to pursue STEM

First, I want all women and girls in STEM to thrive and persevere in spite of the obstacles that they may encounter in this predominantly male-dominated environment.

These challenges often surface in three ways, according to the ivanti Women in Technology survey series that polled 500 women:

The metaphor of the leaky pipeline helps explain why more women do not pursue careers in STEM or leave the field early for other careers. Though a large amount of water (that is, girls and women) enter the pipeline, leaks along the way (such as the challenges cited above) cause water to leak (women). The goal is to make it to the end of the pipeline with women in meaningful STEM careers). The leaky pipeline metaphor helps illustrate why women disappear from traditionally male-dominated careers (especially STEM) and redirect or start over in a new track.

My primary goal with this blog is to share information and proven practices from my work experience to help prevent the trickle of women and girls from STEM. I hope to inspire you to stay and succeed to the very end.

Today, with the breadth of women in technology careers, there are vast choices. Through my coaching program, I seek to instruct and engage using a tailored suite of tools to help future tech-savvy engineers navigate the obstacle course easier.

I’ve learned along the path key tidbits I want to share so you will be our next technologist.

Not sure you have heard of me? That’s the good news: You don’t have to be famous to be a superstar in STEM! Just establish yourself as a reliable high performer and the accolades and incentives will follow.

Tech Tool Time

My second goal with this blog is to use my passion and deep understanding of technology to help others be productive and perform at their very best level every day.

I plan to release a new nugget bi-weekly so tune in for your pipeline driblet.

So, follow me your personal STEM concierge of information and systems, as I share tech tidbits, lessons learned, missteps, and successes formed from my life story.

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