Resume Power Moves: Use your profession’s language

Power Move #2Use your profession’s language!

Key Question

“What are the key terms for project management?“ – Job terms

My tip is simple, “When in Rome, speak as the Romans do” and receive your exciting calls to interviews when your resume rises to the top of the crop.  The key pointer is to position your resume to be the select candidate. Here are three (3) power moves to guarantee you a call for your tech dream job.

You’ve heard of the ever popular book 5 Love Languages by. Well, did you know your profession and career path has its own tech language? If you’re not sure what it is, use a cloud formation to gather your key terms to make your resume shine.


  • Spend time to learn when and how to use the search terms found.
  • Define your job keywords and insert strategically in your resume, cover letter, and professional profiles (both online and hardcopy).
  • Utilize the right words to demonstrate a proficiency in your craft. 
  • Use the key phrases of your specialty to bridge the communication gap.
  • Review and  remove blatant, visible errors that can be easily found.


You have to read, speak,and display the language or keywords that your hiring manager is searching for in your resume.

Let’s get a job you can win with the skills and knowledge you have to showcase and soar to the next level!

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