Resume Power Moves: Make a shift to a functional resume

Key Question

“Has the  person’s whose resume I am scanning successfully applied and described the skills I need to produce results for my job listing? “ – SKILLS MATCH

Functional vs Chronological Resumes 

Functional resumes characterize the key skills possessed and experience.  The formal definition means – focus on your professional skills rather than each job you held and when you held it.

Chronological resumes force you to outline your jobs by timeframes. This clutters the content for the reader and wastes time which leads to your resume landing in the trash can.  You’ve lost the reader’s interest is the bottom line.

Second, time-in-job does not portray what you know. You could learn a skill in one month or three weeks.  Chronological resumes causes the reviewer to: 

  • Draw attention to job descriptions filtered by employer’s names, dates, and job titles that muddies your product.
  • Not confirm if your skills align with the job.

Action Plan:

  • Spend time learning the difference between a functional vs chronological resume. 
  • Review templates that fit yPlan-desired presentation style. 
  • Rearrange your resume to be a clean functional layout that highlights 3-4 of your primary skills. 

Takeaway: You have to think like a hiring manager with regard to your resume.

Next, get ready for a tsunami of employers running you down.


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