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Dr. Haskins shares her wisdom by successfully helping women in science and technology fields meet their professional goals. She has earned a variety of awards including Toastmasters District 27 Humorous Speech Runner Up (2018), Women of Color Technology All-Star (2012), and Raytheon Star Award (2010). Her experience with issues related to working in male-dominated environments has helped her develop an invaluable set of tools for any woman seeking to be part of the exciting opportunities in science and technology.


Her coaching clients have had many good things to say:

Working with Denise gets you real results. I am now in my second month in my new position–I’m loving my work and the office culture. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.

Dejza B. – master’s student

Thanks to Ms. Denise’s mentorship and wisdom, I have experienced academic elevation through professionalism, confidence, and grace. Her continuous guidance in areas such as scholarship seeking has catapulted me to new levels.

Seraiah S. – master’s student

I was equipped with the tools I needed in order to work in my field, however, I lacked the confidence I needed. Today, I am currently working in my field. I truly believe that sky is the limit, and I have Ms. Haskins to thank for that.

Robbi S. – tech pro

I am so grateful for the tools I learned from Dr. Haskins. Some of the tools she gave me were mental exercises to help me stay sharp and interact with people professionally no matter how they behave. Others were really practical tips about structuring my workday, tracking time, and staying on track with the goals my supervisor wants me to pursue. They help me navigate my workplace with confidence and my personal life has improved because I’m more satisfied in life.

Kelly W. – tech pro

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