Resume Power Moves: The Intro

You want to receive that exciting call to interview and your resume to rise to the top so it’s the cream of the crop.  Here are three power moves to guarantee you a call for your tech dream job.

  1. Change your resume format from chronological to functional 
  2. Use the language of your profession
  3. Showcase your accomplishments with strong action verbs

I am going to break down the advantages of each resume power move and get ready for your stream of emails and calls to your six-figure payday.

Years ago, I was in a state called job transition.”  Yes,  that’s the slang for “unemployed” according to my employment center coach. I was desperate to get that one call to come in for an interview and this next shift made the difference.

Resumes are your entryway to allow a recruiter or hiring manager to see or envision you as a fit for the job and call you (the candidate) in to meet face-to-face or virtually. In order to determine this quickly, they have a small window of time to review a document; your resume and try to confirm if there is a skill match with their position.  

Keep reading the Resume Power Moves blog series – next learn how to change your resume format from chronological to functional!


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