How to Use Your Job’s Language

Resume Tweak #2 — Speak With the Words of Your Profession

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

– In job market lingo, that means speak using the words of your profession!  

Do you want to receive that exciting call to interview when your resume rises to the top of the crop? Here are three tweaks to ensure you receive a call for your tech dream job.

  1. Change your resume format from chronological to functional 
  2. Use the language of your profession
  3. Showcase your accomplishments using strong action verbs

I am going to break down the advantages of each resume power move. Let’s get you ready for that stream of emails and calls connecting you to your six figure payday!

You’ve most likely heard of the ever-popular book, The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Did you know your profession and career path have their own language? Not sure what that language is? 

To get started, try using a cloud formation to gather your terms. Another quick way is to search the internet using one key question:

“What are your key terms for (insert your profession)?“ 

Use your Job’s Language


  • Spend time learning when and how to use the search terms you find
  • Employ the right words to demonstrate your proficiency in your craft 
  • Use the key phrases of your specialty to bridge the communication gap on paper

Takeaway: Within your resume, the more you actively use the language of your job, the more you are thinking like a hiring manager- down to the words you write! 

Next, get ready to be overtaken by the demand for YOU!

If you need help getting on track, let an expert power-up your resume. Contact me, your tech career advancement coach. Let’s get a job you can win with the skills you have to showcase and soar to the next level!

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