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Smart Women in Future Tech (SWIFT-U) Blog
to aid women in tech fields

I started this blog to address my two key passions:

  • encourage women and girls to pursue the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) field
  • guide and motivate others to use the best technology to enhance their productivity.

First, I want all women and girls in STEM to thrive and persevere in spite of the obstacles they may encounter in a predominantly male-dominated environment. Challenges often surface in three ways according to ivanti Women in Technology survey series that polled 500 women:

  • Being taken seriously in the industry due to
    gender perceptions.  (63%)
  • Having no female
    role models in the industry
    . (42%)
  • The gender pay gap. (40%)
  • Note:  No
    challenges cited, (8%)

These challenges are some of the  key contributors to why women do not remain in the field and this problem is known as the Leaky pipeline. The leaky pipeline speaks to the disappearance of women from some geeky careers (especially STEM careers).


illustration of how the tech pipeline for girls is leaky

With very little water (professional women leaders) emerge to flow to the end of the pipe.

My goal is to share information freely and proven practices from
my work experience that could help prevent the trickles. I hope to inspire women
to stay in the pipeline.  As more women succeed,
then we all succeed in the end.

Today, with the breadth of women in technology careers, there are vast options in STEM that comprise the new pipeline. Through my coaching program, I seek to instruct and engage participants using a tailored suite of tools. These tools  can help any future tech-savvy engineer to tread the obstacle course easier.

I hope to share lessons I’ve learned along the path to becoming an experienced technologist. Not sure you have heard of me? That’s the good news, you do not have to be either famous nor a well-known super star in the STEM field. Just be known as a proven, high performer and the accolades will follow.

My second passion, I hope to pass on through this blog is my love of technology and how fun it is to know how to apply the right technology to help others be productive and perform at their very best every day.

Why me?  I bring a brand-new breath of knowledge and expertise as:

  • Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP), RSigma, and Agile
  • Computer Science Instructor & Fellow
  • Technical Project Manager
  • Doctor of Science in Information Management
  • Digital Engineer

as my
technical foundation to our engagement which allows you access to me.

My bachelor’s in communication has afforded me skills to sharpen my technical message to various audiences and U (You) are – my Smart Women in Future Tech – U (SWIFT-U)  

So, follow me as I share tech tidbits, lessons learned, missteps/setbacks from my life story which allow you to be setup for success.

Tech Tool Time

My second goal with this blog is to use my passion and deep understanding of technology to help others be productive and perform at their very best level every day.

I plan to release a new nugget bi-weekly so tune in for your pipeline driblet.

So, follow me — your personal STEM concierge of information and systems, as I share tech tidbits, lessons learned, missteps, and successes formed from my life story.

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