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Fast track your Career – Construct a Mentor Board for Success

“a good mentor is like a side view mirror. They look out for your blind spots.”   Author UnknownWhere’s Your Blind Spot? – Toastmaster International   The concept of constructing a mentoring board, also known as a personal board of advisors. The personal board process and benefits are described in an Inc. article entitled Mentor Isn’t Enough. You Need to Build a Personal Board of Advisers. Your goal, in completing in this exercise, as Inc explains, should

About Me

SWIFT-U was founded by Dr. Denise Haskins to support the diverse needs of women in technology fields. Dr. Haskins shares her expertise about STEM-related fields and career issues through mentoring, public speaking, and tech sessions geared toward either groups or individuals. She uses her life experience to operate in the male-dominated world of STEM and to provide tools that aid her clients on how to navigate this obstacle course and gain skills beyond their education and God-given talent to build success for yoU in this landing zone.

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