STEM Concierge and Coach for Women in STEM

An award-winning concierge who delivers STEM coaching
guides you on your tech trek
instructs you through your career obstacle course
manuevers you to a landing zone for success

Fast track your Career – Construct a Mentor Board for Success

“a good mentor is like a side view mirror. They look out for your blind spots.”   Author UnknownWhere’s Your Blind Spot? – Toastmaster International Allow your network to evolve and change A personal board develops you and the Inc article precludes that: “one evolves over time as one’s career unfolds and one’s life changes”. You may need to (hire or fire) persons on your board to advance over time. Continual learning positions you to be in

About Me

SWIFT-U was founded by Dr. Denise Haskins to support the diverse needs of women in technology fields. Dr. Haskins shares her expertise about STEM-related fields and career issues through mentoring, public speaking, and tech sessions geared toward either groups or individuals. She uses her life experience to operate in the male-dominated world of STEM and to provide tools that aid her clients on how to navigate this obstacle course and gain skills beyond their education and God-given talent to build success for yoU in this landing zone.

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