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Why We Need More Women in Future Tech

Hello there! Thank you for checking out my SWIFT-U blog. Allow me to introduce myself 😉 My name is Denise Haskins, and I am a certified systems engineering professional and STEM expert. I have more than 25+ years experience in various government agencies, private industry, and academia. From pursuing a Doctor of Science in Information

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Lessons from a Layoff – Part 2

The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.” ― B.B. King Let’s recap our newfound communication guide for terms. In ‘Lessons from a Layoff, Part 1’, we discussed how to insert a new paraphrase into your tech journey for empowerment. We removed the word unemployment and replaced it with

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Lessons from a Layoff – Part 1

“He adds the Super to the natural” – Pastor John Gray Recently, I ran into a high-level VP from one of the Big 10 Corporations I’d had the pleasure of working for in the past. While we spoke, he told me something you don’t hear every day: he was actually happy– ecstatic, even –about having

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Folks Need to Talk Through the Challenges

Addressing conflict should be a team dynamic. There is certainly an art to this team approach, and you’ll want to take time to practice before engaging. A few rules of engagement will help lay the groundwork for resolution:  Rules of Engagement In the workplace, inevitably, there will come a time of conflict or misunderstanding. There

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Showcase Your Skills Using Strong Action Verbs

Resume Tweak #3 If you want to get ready for that Zoom or face-to-face interview, then there is one more powerful change that can make your resume a true “standout.” Let’s review the three powerful moves to guarantee a path to your dream job: Each resume change gets you ready for a stream of responses

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How to Use Your Job’s Language

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

– In job market lingo, that means speak using the words of your profession!  

Do you want to receive that exciting call to interview when your resume rises to the top of the crop?

Here are three tweaks to ensure you receive a call for your tech dream job.

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Resume Tweak #1 – Compose a Functional Resume

Move Up to Top Interview Calls Key Question Asked by Recruiters “Does this resume I’m scanning successfully describe the skills I need to produce results for my job listing? “ – SKILLS MATCH You want to receive that exciting call — the one asking you to interview because your resume rose to the top of the pile.

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See Something, Say Something

Recently, VA Tech (VT) held a Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Networking Event. The main host and facilitators, Julie Ross (Dean, College of Engineering) and Sally Morton (Dean, College of Science) moderated the conversation. The panel was composed of Virginia Tech alumnae who are excelling despite the challenges of these male-dominated fields.

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How to Stay Tech-Savvy Using Training to Grow

Successful growth in STEM means striving to develop professionally. You have to always be willing to gain new job-related experience and expose yourself to the job scenarios that will teach you how to outperform the competition. For this blog post, let’s start with the definition of professional development: Professional development is a wide variety of specialized

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Fast Track Your Career: Build a Personal Board

I once heard a quote: “a good mentor is like a side-view mirror. They look out for your blind spots.” The process of constructing a mentoring board, also known as a personal board of advisors, is described extremely well in an article entitled One Mentor Isn’t Enough. You Need to Build a Personal Board of

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