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Meet Denise Haskins, also known as, Your STEM Concierge

SWIFT-U was founded by Dr. Denise Haskins to support and retain the diverse women in technology fields. Dr. Haskins shares her expertise to progress STEM-related women on overcoming career track showstoppers that derail women.  Through coaching, public speaking, and one-on-one tech talk sessions geared toward either groups or individuals.


Infection after foot surgery in 10th grade left me crawling on the floor and not able to walk. I missed four months from school and was reverted to home teaching services. My geometry instructor and 4th-grade math teacher led to my love of math and science. A collegiate advisor caused me to shift in a haste from pursuing an engineering degree to Broadcast Communications major.  A wonderful professor, Dr. Lenora Brogdon exposed me to the different facets of the field. I became the first African American female to host my own radio show on campus and wrote several award-winning commercials as well as interned at Howard University Television Station (WHUT-TV) as Assistant to the Executive Producer, thus began my revamp path.

I graduated from college with a Bachelor in Communications and a minor in Business Management but did not desire to start my career in a small, country town market. After college, I transitioned to an administrative position and then into technology as a help desk support within a computer center for a Washington DC Beltway bandit company. This became the catalyst to my academic and career interest in computers and information systems. It was during this tenure that I pursued a Master’s degree through a bridge program in Management Information Systems (MIS) while working full-time.

In pursuit of excellence in the field of Information Systems and Systems Engineering, there is no substitute for a strong educational background coupled with extensive work experience. It is for this reason that I pursued my doctoral program. This allowed me to broaden my knowledge, further my career, and enhance my research and teaching skills. While pursuing my doctoral studies, I took a sabbatical from my job when I was selected as a Minority Faculty Fellow and computer science instructor while still holding down a full-time position. It was always my desire to continue to teach and train others in this wonderful field of discoveries constantly unfolding for women in engineering.

Still feeling energized, I went on to complete my doctorate next in Information Management after having to write my dissertation twice because my advisor never read my initial submission. Next, I taught myself how to craft a successful dissertation step-by-step which required an additional year of intense work. Then as I prepared to flip my tassel, more horrific news beset me as I was required to process out. This setback led me to become an expert in writing a dissertation and the second version was a better publication followed by my first royalty checks.

Now I am a thriving Certified Systems Engineering Professional, Raytheon Star Awardee, and Woman of Color – Technology All-Star recipient. 

I am starting this blog to coach women through the challenges of being in a technical field and impart some of the adjustment strategies required for women as an underrepresented group.

Smart Women in Future Tech (SWIFT-U) is your one-stop-shop for answers to help you persist on your journey. Sharing my expertise, experiences, and extensive educational background, I am here to lead and coach women through the challenging, sometimes unfair, and often treacherous pathway of STEM careers

I am your “STEM concierge of information and systems.


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